Does gym equipment really need servicing?

No matter what level your experience or fitness is at, a workout injury can happen to anyone. Even walking on a treadmill can cause an injury. Most people do accept responsibility for their own safety while using weights, machines, and other fitness equipment.  But gyms, just like other commercial businesses, have a duty of care for their members.

To ignore this comes at hefty price – not just in terms of liability pay outs, but in customer confidence.  The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report, states that nearly  73.2% of gym operators buy new equipment in order to keep existing members.

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Gyms should inspect their equipment for signs of damage every single day according to government guidelines.  It should then be THOROUGHLY inspected by a professional service provider at least once a year as part of a maintenance regime.

A service maintenance contract ensures all equipment lasts longer and runs safely. If you’ve made an investment in a gym, then regular servicing and maintenance will ensure a better return.

Get into a habit of inspecting all your gym equipment on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and keep a record of all inspections. Also remove or make it clear that any broken, faulty or damaged equipment is out of use for any of your clients.

We hear a lot of businesses say their warranty covers all they need for their gym equipment, but did you know that it doesn’t include wear and tear? And the irony of it all; if you don’t look after your assets, then your warranty becomes invalid.

A gym asset maintenance contract will protect your gym equipment from this issue as it will ensure you receive a priority level of call-out meaning you have limited downtime on your equipment. Members see quick responses and equipment back in action. An important element to member retention. If you’ve chosen a fully inclusive contract, even spare parts are included to give you complete peace of mind. An annual service contract also helps maximise the buy-back value of your equipment. If you are looking to upgrade in the future, then this is really going to help your service history rating.

With members or residents paying to use the gym, you need to make sure everything is in the best working order, not to mention safe to use. Equipment takes a good pounding during every workout.

But October and November are usually quieter periods for gyms so it’s a great time to take stock and assess what equipment needs to be upgraded, refreshed or serviced.

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