About us

WeServiceGymEquipment is an Orbit4 brand. Orbit4 own a suite of platforms that manages the life cycle of commercial fitness products from procurement to finance and servicing to residual value disposal. Sister brands FitnessCompared, FitnessFinance and WeBuyGymEquipment complete the set of platforms.

Commercial gym equipment needs attention on a regular basis from a qualified and professional service provider. Equipment is normally covered by a standard warranty by the supplier. When it runs out, it’s important that the equipment is either extended with a new service contract (via the incumbent supplier) or a new service provider is sourced.

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Why Choose Us?

WeServiceGymEquipment is the perfect solution to find the new service provider or to compare annual service contracts with the incumbent supplier. We’ve aggregated many of the fitness industries best service providers so you don’t need to request multiple quotes. Our time is so precious and having all service providers in one place ensures you tender your annual service contract in one place – saving you time and money. Mixed with the competitive nature of a bidding process, our platform delivers the best value every time. Sign up today if you’re a Gym Operator or Service Provider. We’re waiting to help you today.

Screenshot showing the Club Admin Dashboard